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1. a question you’d ask your future soulmate?

Answer: What took you so long

2. what’s your aesthetic in 3 words

Answer: Cozy, Warm, Bright

3. reborn as something other than human, what would you be

Answer: A dog

4. favorite sandwich combination

Answer: Ham and Cheese

5. what’s the best hour of the day

Answer: 8 pm

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6. favorite memory from elementary school

Answer: Riding my bike all around town with my friends

7. what’s the cutest thing in the world

Answer: Dogs or babies

8. best greek god/godess

Answer: Hercules (but that's my favorite Disney movie)

9. on a scale of one to ten, how much are you in love currently

Answer: 10/10

10. most delicious dessert

Answer: Fresh apple pie

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11. aliens or mermaids

Answer: Mermaids obviously

12. one wish not for you, but for others

Answer: That everyone finds love once in their life

13. what color hair do you wish you were born with

Answer: I always wanted to have auburn hair

14. rainy days in bed or sunny days outside

Answer: Sunny days outside (I'm a summer girl)

15. best plant

Answer: Venus Flytraps (they are just so cool)

16. best planet

Answer: Venus

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17. wings or mermaid tail (appearing whenever you want them)

Answer: Wings (I always wanted to fly)

18. what does your birthmark look like

Answer: I'm not sure if I have one but i do have a freckle on my first finger??

19. if you could teleport, where would you teleport to first

Answer: California

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20. grow 5 inches taller or 3 inches shorter

Answer: Five inches taller! (i'm so short already)

21. could you live in the victorian era

Answer: Nope

22. would you survive w/o technology of all kinds for a month

Answer: As long as I have my books I think it would be okay

23. go-to outfit for “i need to look good but not red-carpet good”

Answer: Leggings and a dress that shows some clevage

24. dog ear books or bookmarks


25. what talent do you wish you had

Answer: I wish i was more creative (able to draw)

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