Hey! So this is my first article and I decided to write about my 2018 resolutions. Some of the resolutions that I am going to set are a bit cliche but these are the things I want to achieve.

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1. Read more books

  • This year I was awful at reading books when I say awful I mean I only read 2 full books this year that was not school related. So I hope that I can read at least 20 in 2018.
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2. Pass my driving test

  • So I started to learn how to drive back in September when I wasn't really feeling up to it, but now that the new year is approaching I am determined to pass.
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3. Learn to play the guitar

  • So I have my own guitar and I have had it for about 7 years now but I stopped learning once I got to high school. I just never really had the time to pick it up again so I want to teach myself how to play it.
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4. Fitness

  • This year I did pretty well at improving my fitness as I joined a gym and after a few months I started to see my improvements. In 2018 I want to carry this on and possibly get rid of some of the bad habits of eating too much chocolate and overeating at times.
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5. Study more

  • Over the last few months I have been pretty lazy when it comes to studying anything extra to help me with my school work. So I want to revise more and improve my grades which will help me get the grades I want and need to get into a university to study law.
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Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed it. Follow me for more articles that I plan on writing in the new year xx