Starting high school can be one of the worst parts in your life. The good thing is that you should not be worried because you are not the only one feeling those bad vibes. You come from somewhere where you did not care before to feel judged and making yourself insecurities. I swear, you are the most beautiful person and the only one destroying you now, is the monster inside of you. You think you are ugly, but everyone else thinks you are pretty! You are perfect the way you are!

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At the same time, this bad vibe will make you grown up and become stronger. You will find better friends or grown up more confident. You need to find the right friend that care about you and with whom you feel close. Let the others one go.

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Experience things! Put some makeup if you want, try to do different hairstyle and different clothes. This will help you find out what you like and will complete all the process of being confident.

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Don’t let no one tell you who you are cutie pie! You know yourself better! Don’t be ashamed to try new things or to be who you really are.

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Be proud of who you are xx love you

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