Another year had passed and you know what that means: NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS LIST. I personally make every year a list with my resolutions and share them with my best friend, but now I share them with more people. This year wasn't practically the best one for me, but I hope that the next year will be a better year. This are my resolutions.

1.To be a better photographer

I really like taking pictures of my friends with a camera,a phone or a polaroid and I make pretty good pictures,but I wanna improve my photoghrapic skills cause always is place for better.

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2.Save money

I wanna save money and don't waste them on things that I don't need( I'll have to think twice before I buy something) ,cause you never know when something interesting (like a festival or a trip) may appear and you better be prepared .

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3.Go out more

Next year I wanna go out with my friends more and do fun things. I wanna be more sociable and try out new things, I'll go out a little bit from my comfort zone and be more open-minded.

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4.Improve my makeup skills

Next year I wanna improve my makeup game and be more good at it. At the moment I only try to do natural and simple looks,but I wanna try somethings different and learn more tips and tricks about makeup.

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5.Read more

I really love to read but this year I wasn't able to read as many books as I wanted because I was very busy with school and very unorganised with my reading plan,but next year I wanna be more organised and read as many books as I want.

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This are my resolutions for the next year and I hopee I can achieve them all. Good luck with your resolutions for 2018 and Happy New Year.