These days everyone's looking for a renewed sense of style, alternative to that which is commonly seen in every day wear. While it is increasingly difficult to find that unique and personal taste that sets you apart as a trendsetter from a trend follower, it is ultimately not impossible. Especially not with my help.. just kidding... okay not really.

Anyways, I find it that some of the most creative, when it comes to fashion, tend to not always be the designers, but the models themselves and how they choose to pair items creatively. Let's begin with my personal favorite as I break down three of her outfits and teach you how to style them.

Bella Hadid

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Bella's style is cool and down to earth. In her wardrobe, pieces tend to correlate with each other through simplicity.
By pairing easily styled items with eccentric jewelry, or accessories, it results with a different vibe. Bella displays this concept with her yellow lens sunglasses. She also often chooses to express herself most vividly through her shoes.

bella hadid, model, and street style image

Black on black (on black) has never looked so edgy and bold.The over-sized denim jacket with the knee high boots is a fresh outtake from the classic little black dress. It is still as daring as the LBD, but it has a badass hint to it.

bella hadid image

Lastly, Bella is rocking all of the tips I have given you in one outfit. She keeps it simple, minimizes her accessories but keeps them bold. The knee high boots with the sweater creates a refreshing badass look, but at the same time still keeps her warm. Her colored lenses makes that final touch, and its what ultimately sets her apart from any other person wearing a sweater dress and knee highs.

These are a just a few of my tips, feel free to follow my fashion collection and model off duty collection for more! Thank you for reading!

Letter From the Author:
When creating an outfit it is simple to throw a bunch of random pieces together and call it a day. Sometimes it works and other times it really doesn't. As someone who deeply enjoys creating a variety of looks, I can relate to how much of a struggle it becomes after a while. However, I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve. Be sure to follow the collections below to stay up to date on more to come!