Hey guys,
welcome to my first article!
I will give you some tips how to be successful and how to achieve some goals you have. I really hope you'll find them useful. :)

1. Love yourself

This works for everything in your life. If you love yourself you will be more confident and happier person and things will be easier for you to do. You should think about all nice things about yourself, I am convinced there are lot of them! :)

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2. Decide what success means to you

This is very individually thing. I can't know what everyone of you guys are dedicated to and where you see yourself in the future. So, for this step you need to take your time and think about your passions, interests and values. It's okay if you need a lot of time, when you decide it then you set your goals and fight for it! :)

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3. Plan you goals

You could put all your goals you have on the paper. Goals don't need to always be your career goals... It can be something for your relationship, things you want to try or learn, go on the trip or concert, maybe get a good grade in math or maybe start practice and eat healthy. Also important thing is to be organized, so you can start your goals from clean room.

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4. Don't compare yourself with other people

People often can compare themselves with people who are "better" then they are. Comparing yourself to others is big waste of time. There are many more useful things you can waste your time on... ;) for example take time for yourself. Make a tea and watch some good movies. Also, you are too unique to compare with others. Your gifts, talents and successes are unique to you and they can never be properly compared to anyone else. :)

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5. Surround yourself with positive people

Nobody needs people who are sucking your energy. Be surround with people who are kind, happy and satisfied. It is great to spend time with someone who makes you feel motivated, positive, and confident... :)
If you have friend or family members who always make you feel bad about yourself, try to limit the time you spend with them.

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