The start of a new year filled me with a lot of new energy and excitement. I visited Agra at the beginning of the year. I love visiting old monuments. They always amaze me. Listing some old history, even though I hated history lesson during school days. Many of my friends got engaged. I learn how to cook some of the most delicious dishes. I have started writing poems.

I guess February was the time when it turns hard for me. There are some people who don’t want to see you happy; they try their best to turn your happiness into to tears. When dad was out of the city for business purpose and my young sister was writing her last papers of grade 11th. She felt sick due to which she had to leave her last paper.

This month I grew interested in becoming famous so I decided to make videos on YouTube and I made one. I also got one comment, which was pretty good. Then I changed my plans because one of my following accounts on Instagram got hacked and I got scared. In the middle of the month, I joined beauty school in the summer with my cousin sister. It was fun, even though every morning, both of us have to rush from the house with an empty stomach. Ha-ha. My best friend told me she finally was in a relationship and I was happy for her. She also sends me some pictures of her boyfriend. They look adorable as a couple. Miss her a lot. I started writing poems and published them on wattpad. I have posted the link to the cover of my book. My book named “Conversation with my heart”. It needs a huge edition too.

We plan to go to umarha during Ramadan. By seeing the poor health of grandma, dad decided to go for her regular check-ups. After all, her tests, reports were bad. Her old sickness as somehow returned. At that, every moment it felt like everything was falling apart. Now she started getting little better. Her hands started to bruise due to the needles. The real problem was coming next month and the doctor said, she needs to care to take off or medicines will start affecting her.

Holy month!! Ramadan was here; every family member was praying. Dad decided we should make a duty of each brother to take care of grandma. So each day one brother would stay with grandma. Dad got a call from one of his brothers about the grandma that she is not responding. At that, we thought she’s gone. We rush to her house, but it turns out she had fainted and didn’t even realize it. At the end of this month, we came to know dad’s younger sister was sick.

Even after all the difficulties. I prayed and asked for forgiveness from God. I spend my holy month the way I planned it. Eid came and we celebrated with fullest, forgetting all for once. Two days after Eid, I got to see a beautiful rainbow like telling me after every storm you see a rainbow.

I got a new iPhone as my Eid present. By the end of September, my elder brother got engaged to the most beautiful girl. I also came to know that my cousin sister-in-law was pregnant. Many of friends started their new life before the end of 2016.


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