Dear 2018,

It's been a hard, tough year, you know?

Sure there was time to reflect and to improve myself:
I've found some passions and sometimes I've done what I really loved...

But there was also so much pain, so much darkness and emptiness.

Sometimes it felt like IMPOSSIBLE to move on.
Sometimes I wanted to freeze the present and stay there in safety because I had to much fear of what would happen.

I know, it's all up to me.

I HAVE TO CHANGE and you are just a year:
You can't help me - I have to help myself.

Things I wanna change:

1) live in the moment
I have to focus and to pay attention to the PRESENT:
The PRESENT is everything what is around me NOW.
I'm spending to much time in my head!!

2) It's all a question of your perspective
It's true: everyone has his own view: his own perspective.
We are all looking through our personal glasses!
I have to try to consider things from different perspective.
I have to light up every detail.

3) Do what you love
If I wanna be happy that's the key

4) Don't buy that much stuff you don't really need
I wanna orient more on the lifestyle called MINIMALISM...
This year I bought and consumed a lot of stuff that wasn't really important.
Never forget that material objects will never give you THE TRUE FULFILLMENT.

5) eat good and healthy food
If you wanna feel good you should only eat healthy:
Food has a big impact on your body's health.
My opinion is that WE ARE WHAT WE EAT.

So, dear year 218, I hope I will be happy and realized.

With love,