Look at us, looking for love where it can less be found
Wanting to be loved as we once loved.
Having hopes of finding our "soul-mate".
Do we not yet understand that maybe some of us just aren't made for this love thing?
How I pity the ones who haven't realized it.
How I pity the ones looking for it.
How I pity the ones that will get heartbroken...yet are hopeful to find such a feeling, a person, an experience.
It's saddening, though, to have to understand this after we go through all the nights crying over someone; someone who doesn't care.
Loving someone...who just isn't for us.
Waiting for one simple text... of a person who's too busy texting someone else.
Lusting for something, something that just cannot happen.
-How I pity the ones that don't know what's coming their way
I've finally gotten to know what that feeling is like, who the person is, and the experience of love.
You know, when someone's gaze just lights up your world.
When their smile is the only ray of sunshine you need.
When they've come to be your universe.
Is this what love is? Because if It is, then, I don't want it to go away.
In my life, people have been in and out, unfortunately, yet fortunately, none have showed me what love is.
Unfortunately, because if I knew love felt this, I would've wanted to meet it earlier.
Fortunately, because I wouldn't have wanted to feel this way with no one but you.
-How I pity the ones who haven't felt this, or that think they can't feel it once again.