Within me lies a great beast. It hungers everyday and aches when not fed. It longs for a place anywhere but its current location. A clean slate. Somewhere to start fresh, where no other being knows its name. It craves ground that it has not walked on and stars it has not seen. The ache grows especially when it sees the faces whose only concern are those of trivial matters such as the thickness of their brows and the quality of their phone. Oh how it yearns to explore and experience; to dance with strangers with only the moon lighting the path, and to eat food from unfamiliar cultures. It itches for a day it can wake with its own agenda, naturally to the sound of waves lapping, birds singing, sun rising. No strings. Bathe under water falls, cook the fish it caught and shed the stress that pulls it down everyday. Constantly on the move...and for once its not running away from anything, its running 𝑡𝑜 something. Something greater. Something different.