Hey Hearters! Here are some of my favourite song quotes, they describe my feelings. Hope you enjoy this idea

1. Aerials - System Of A Down
When you lose small mind
You free your life

system of a down and soad image bands, down, and metal image

2. Platonic - Flyleaf
Pretend like we are more than friends
We'll see where the night ends

band, Lacey Mosley, and live image concert, flyleaf, and Lacey Mosley image

3. Arise - Flyleaf
Arise and be all that you dreamed

flyleaf and band image flyleaf image

4. Kill 'Em With Kindness - Selena Gomez
Your lies are bullets
Your mouth's a gun

selena gomez image selena gomez, selena, and gomez image

5. Nightingale - Demi Lovato
You could be my sanity
Bring me peace
Sing me to sleep

Image by Kylizzle19 Image by Kylizzle19

So, these are the first ones of much quotes I wanna share. Weekly, every Tuesday, I will post some article like this one.