Hello hearters, hope i can find you in a good mood and a good health.
2017 was an amazing year for me personally, maybe the greatest in my 16 years in life (as i expressed in my last article).
So today i want to share the goals i long to achieve in 2018 as many heartists have inspired me..

1) Getting closer to my goals and my dreams:

nature, night, and northern lights image
Northern Lights😍

2) Being as happy as i can (reaching happiness)

boy and cameron dallas image

3) When in bed, before sleeping, remembering the best 3 things that made me happy in the day

boy, sleep, and vintage image

4) Studying hard

study, school, and book image

5) Working hard

working from home ideas image

6) Supporting my country in World Cup

de, football, and tunisia image

7) Watching more anime series

anime, inuyashiki, and seinen image

These were the goals i want to achieve in 2018.
I really wish 2018 will be a better year for me and for all of you, if you loved 2017 then i hope your 2018's gonna be similar and if your 2017 was terrible then i hope your 2018's gonna be better, and why not, THE BEST?