Hello. In a few days we will be hopping off 2017 and entering 2018. This year, like all years was filled with ups and downs, smiles and frowns, good times and bad times. Most importantly, lessons. No matter the situation, good or bad. We learn new things out of every experience.We learn new feelings, new thoughts.

Those new things become part of us. They make us grow up and become better people. Smarter, stronger. They make us want to keep on changing for the better. Give us motivation for new goals.

In this article I will take those lessons and turn them into resolutions of how I want my 2018 to be. This is also my entry for the #WHINewYearsWriting contest.

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One of the biggest lessons I learned in 2017 was it's okay to cry. I usually lock up all my feelings for fear of being judged. This year though it got to the point were the stress was so much I had multiple mental breakdowns. Many in public.

The worst one was when I couldn't stop sobbing, my sobs were a cry for help. I wanted to stop because my family was watching me but I couldn't. I got aggressive and it got to the point where I was hurting myself in front of my family. They cried because they had never seen me cry, specially like that.

In the end I let it all out, all words said were in between sobs but it was out. It felt good. After that I now cry more often. It might sound weird but letting bottled things out is actually so relieving.

So Dear 2018 I promise to cry more and to ask for help when I need it.

Two. I learned to do things for myself. Not for others. Sometimes we get too focused in making everyone else proud and it becomes tiring, stressing. Others don't care how we succeed or how we fail. They don't care what it takes us to get where we are. Yet they're always ready to judge us.

If we do good things they go unnoticed but once we mess up all hell breaks lose. It's like nothing good matters and it's all bad. Meanwhile we're stressing for nothing.

So Dear 2018 I just want to make myself proud. I don't care what he, her or they think. I just want to do what makes me happy.

Three more craziness. I'm always busy being a straight A student, the perfect daughter, sister, etc.

Concerts make me happy, meeting internet friends feels amazing, meeting my favorite bands surreal.

So Dear 2018 I promise to party more often, go to MORE concerts. Do crazy things with internet friends. Meet new people.

Four being happy is overrated but being sad is not the best either. I just want to feel the moment. If i'm sad, I'm sad. If i'm happy, I'm happy. But I won't let sadness ruin my happy moments.

Dear 2018 I promise to smile more, laugh more, live more. Know my sad times and appreciate the good times.

Five toxic people. Sometimes I get too scared to get rid of the toxic people in my life. Including family and "friends."

Well Dear 2018 I promise to get rid of the people that make me sad and that I know my life could be better without.

Six taking risks. A lot of times I let my anxiety take over and I stop myself from doing the things I want. When I don't let my anxiety win, I have the best of times.

So Dear 2018 I promise to chase my dreams and not let anyone or anything stop me. Including myself.

In conclusion. Dear 2018 I promise to be human and breakdown but pick myself up. If i'm not happy I'll change that with decisions that will make things better. Do kind things for other's but not live for others. I'll live for myself, make myself proud and work to make myself happy. Bad times are coming but so are good times and they'll balance themselves out. Here's a cheer to new beginnings and 2018.

Happy New Year,
- Dulce (@aestheticaliens - now @nonsensica)

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