hello people of the universe,

2017 definitely was an upgrade from 2016 personally, but i plan to make 2018 even better. without further rambling i give you my top 10 resolutions for 2018. ( #WHINewYearsWriting )


  • read more
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i most definitely am an avid reader, but secondary school has affected the amount of books i have read greatly. hopefully, with all my travelling, i will find time to read more.
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i feel so happy when a tiny gesture i make improves someone else's day, so i definitely plan to continue that.
  • find myself
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i am still young and very much still finding myself and i plan to put some emphasis on that.
  • upload articles once a month
i tend to upload whenever i feel, but i plan to upload once a month (and after that i can upload again if i feel like it)
  • eat healthier
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this is a NECESSITY as i currently eat really badly and it needs to stop.
  • work out once a week
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being an athlete, i have a dryland program i want to try out and i also want to do yoga.
  • do more charity work
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i am so lucky in life and i really want to help others who aren't.
  • keep an acne routine
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my acne is crazy right now and i plan to have a routine to calm it down.
  • improve social media
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i plan to write a wattpad book ( https://www.wattpad.com/503852002-things-i-should%27ve-said-1 ), be more active on pinterest ( https://www.pinterest.co.uk/246baby/ ) and tumblr ( https://www.tumblr.com/blog/imthatobsessivefangirl ), and to stop caring about my follower count.
  • do things when i travel
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instead of just shopping i want to experience soo many different things about other's cultures.


there you goooooo.

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