It’s in his eyes, I can see
He simply can’t hide or mask a disguise
Not from me
He went someplace he shouldn’t be
He wouldn’t go, he promised me
He cannot look, not straight at me
I wonder
This time, what could it be?
Is it me, or was it she
Not again, not possibly

I fear but I hope
He did not return, not to dope
That destructive white substance call coke
Whatever it is
It’s taken over his soul
Made him high
He came home ugly
Heart black as coal

He constantly lies
He’s ruining our lives
A sick joke
He thinks I don’t know, I can’t tell
But I’m not going through this hell
Not with him
No, not again

He needs help
Away from his friends
Bad influence
Release your hold on him
It’s a fight but one he must win
They ain’t got nothing you can’t resist
You must persist
Set your eyes on me
My love will set you free
Why can’t you be addicted to me?