As my very first article I decided it would be nice if I introduced myself to everyone, so... Yeah! Hope y'all like it!

Who am I?
+ My name is Valentina, i'm from Brazil and i'm 13.
+ I have na older sister, my parentes are divorced since i'm 4 years old, and my dad re-married.
+ I'm a libra.

What do I dislike?
+I don't really like when the weather is too hot, is just that everyone's sweating and there are mosquitos everywhere... It really does get to my last nerve.
+I HATE when people discriminate others only because of the color of their skin, religion, gender, etc.
+ When people make a huge drama over something that's not even that big, just for the attention.

What do I like?
+ Reading, learning and writing.
+ Animals - God, i LOVE ANIMALS!
+ Spending time with my Family, my friends and my dog!
+ Makeup, skincare, new clothes.

Well, that's pretty much it, hope you all enjoyed, and i'm very thankful that you took time to read this article, and soon enough I have another one (hopefully)!!