10. Jennifer Lawrence

actress, Girl Crush, and Jennifer Lawrence image Jennifer Lawrence image Jennifer Lawrence and actress image

Jennifer gives me the power. Idk why. She is incredibly talented.She is so inspiring to everyone and smart and funny and beautiful.

9. Jade Thirlwall

little mix, jade thirlwall, and glory days image jade thirlwall and little mix image little mix, jade thirlwall, and jade image

Jade shows me that everyone is smart no matter how they look, cuz Jade is so cute, beautiful and girly and on the other hand, she is so smart and talented.

8. Emma Watson

emma watson image emma watson image emma watson, emma, and harry potter image

Emma taught me what feminism means. Her role of Hermione in Harry Potter and Belle from Beaty and the beast amazed me, because of that how great she showed, that girls are smart and powerful.

7. Shelley Hennig

shelley hennig image teen wolf and shelley hennig image shelley hennig image

I would never expect of this lady to be so funny. She is hilarious and beautiful. Always when she post something new on her instargram I just need to laugh.

6. Perrie Edwards

perrie edwards, little mix, and makeup image perrie edwards image perrie edwards and little mix image

Perrie is the Sun to me. She is so beautiful and strong. She is always so positive and she smiles all the time, so when I see her I just get the feeling of happiness.

5. Adelaide Kane

adelaide kane image beauty, pretty, and adelaide kane image adelaide kane image

Adelaide shows me that girls can love boyish things and boys girly things. She is fangirl, she is fun and ofcourse really beautiful. She shows me that there is equality.

4. Jesy Nelson

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Jesy taught me to say no if I don't want to do something. And she taught me to love myself. she is so inspiring and lovely. she is also really confident. Which I really ove about her. She went from zero confidence to the most amazing woman I know.

3. Rebecca Mader

Jennifer Morrison, once upon a time, and snow white image rebecca and rebecca mader image rebecca mader image

This woman somehow gives me the feeling of comfort, probably because she is so, so lovely, kind and cute. She also shows me that growing up is not scary

2. Kristen Bell

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Kristen taught me to be more feminine, she also brought the character Anna, who shows me exactly the same thing. She also as Rebecca shows me not to be scared of being adult.

1. Leigh-Anne pinnock

pinnock image little mix, leigh-anne pinnock, and leigh anne pinnock image little mix, leigh-anne pinnock, and icon image

This one is the most inspiring to me and I can really relate to her. she is so kind, beautiful, powerful and feminin. She is also really funny. I love her little diva side. She taught me to be kind, which is something I appreciate the mot, no matter what happens and to treat people how i want to be treated.

Sorry for my bad english. I hope you enjoyed my first article and I hope you have also so many people that inspire you.