Hello beautiful!

So i kinda saw this really cool article of @IngridSmevagGundersen and thought it was really cool. it was a "tag yourself lifestyle" article and it really inspired me, so here i have kinda the same but just goals for 2018.

The fashionista

fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion image

- always look stylish
- many as possible fashion weeks.
- get new friends because of her interests
- dress everything, professional
- sits on a cafe, looking at others style

The sporty one

fitness, girl, and sport image gym, fitness, and workout image

- is always fresh
- perfect body
- sees no shame in wearing a sportsbra
- very confident
- wakes up early to run

The traveler

girl and travel image travel, hair, and plane image

- kinda lives in a vehicle or a plane
- always tan
- travels around the world with her bf or bff
- loves different cultures
- very open
- friends all around the world

The friend

Image removed friends, girl, and friendship image

- always there to talk
- remembers everyone´s birthday
- has many secret admires
- long deep conversations
- puts everyone before her self

The wild one

Mature image grunge, party, and alcohol image

- loves partying
- can disappear at any time
- dosen´t give a fuck about anyone thinks
- dont speak to her parents
- dont have a boyfriend
- always get drunk
- sometimes feel bad about her lifestyle but like it anyway

so that was it guys! like for more like this and dont be affraid to send a postcard. sorry if my English is a little bad..