Hi everyone

I am not the type to say "New Year, new me", because I believe that you can change your life everyday and at any age. However these are my new year's resolutions for 2018.

➪ Drink more water
I really don't drink enough water and it's really something I want to work on in the new year.

➪ Start bullet journalling
I always wanted to start bullet journalling and now is the best time to do it!

➪ Develop my own fashion style
My fashion taste really changed the past year and I feel like I finally know what kind of fashion style I like and I would love to really develop my OWN fashion style and don't be afraid to be myself.

➪ Become better at make-up
I LOVEEE make-up and I really want to work on my skills and become better and better. This is really one of my main goals.

➪ Be healthier and go to the gym more often
I want to loose a little weight but also just be healthier in general. Take care of yourself and your body. It changes the games!

➪ Be kinder
➪ Eat less meat
Meatless Monday it is!

➪ Stop caring what other people think
This one is so important yet so difficult. Just be you, no matter what. Stay true to who you are. People are going to comment no matter what so you might just do your own thing.

Happy holidays!