ever scrolled through social media looking for self care ideas and eye rolled as these people just don’t get it? i got you. when the days are hard, getting out of bed can be a struggle, yet alone doing face mask.

PSA: it’s okay to have these days and feel like utter shit. it’s totally okay. as long as you get back up. i don’t care if it takes you months, weeks or years. but you have to try again.

-haven’t showered in days? if you find enough motivation, please do shower. but finding enough motivation can be hard. stock up on baby wipes, deodorant and dry shampoo. these will make you feel a little less gross. i like to keep these under my bed for easy access.

-empty out the three day old water that has dust in it and get fresh water. i know it can seem absolutely impossible sometimes, but you can do this. i believe in you.

-haven’t talked to anyone in a bit? sending out a quick group text to people can help. a quick “i’m sorry i’m in a personal emergency. i’ll respond soon” is good enough

-if you can, change out of your clothes and put new ones on. i know, i know. sometimes you just can’t. in that cause, have some air freshener and a lint roller

-can’t wash your sheets or make your bed? push your blankets aside. it will make you feel a little more comfortable

-can’t brush your hair? stock up on hair ties and bobby pins

-getting and cooking food too much effort? no shame in ordering take out. it’s actually more healthy if you eat just something no matter what it is, rather then go hungry

-can’t sleep because it’s that bad? asmr or if that’s not for you, white noise, the sounds of the ocean/rain/forest can all be found on youtube

-can’t go to work or school? take a couple of days off and let people know it’s an emergency. but after those couple of days, you have to go back

please know that this will pass. you can get through anything. i believe in you. just take it hour by hour. it will get better💗