Quite some cats like Christmas.

Instead of chasing mice all year long, now they have alternatives at christmas time:

cat and christmas image

There are many cats that love christmas trees very much to the point of hugging them:

Image by Carol Fenijn

Some like to help in decorating the christmas tree:

cat and christmas image

When decorating christmas trees, moving christmas balls can be a distraction. The cat in the following illustration is even being hypnotized by the green christmas ball:

cat and christmas image

Some other cats have quite different motives, though. Beware the Evil Christmas Cat:

cat, christmas, and funny image

Just a few kittens think they can impersonate Santa Claus:

Image by Carol Fenijn

Some are still in the stage of practicing:

animals, cats, and funny image

At any rate do not be surprised if your next Christmas present is...

A kitten

christmas, kitten, and christmas kitten image

Quite some cats do like Christmas indeed.