Here I am again with more poems and poets. Didn't I tell you there was going to be a part two? Have more faith in my fellow Hearters. Here are more poems from non-famous poets that need to be noticed:

Here We Go Again
By Edwin C Hofert
"Sometimes I see it coming.
Sometimes I feel it start.
It's like a storm is brewing,
I start to fall apart.

So much to be happy for,
These tears I can't control.
The product of the brokenness
That used to be my soul.

One day on the mountain top
There's nothing I can't see.
Next day when I'm waking up
The mountain sits on me.

With darkness all around me
And the shadows closing in.
I grab my heart and hold on tight
Cause here we go again.

All those fears come rushing back
There's no place I can hide.
It's not much new it's what I do
Just one more storm to ride.

I bared my soul so many times
No more I must confess.
It's not about the goodness
Or the strength that I possess.

I'm right back where I used to be.
I'm right back where I've been.
I'm not where I want to be
And here we go again."

Christmas Then And Now
By Janie Baetsle
"Like softly falling our white snow
So memories fall of pasts I've known
Of days of childhood wrapped within
My heart which thrilled to think back then
Of just what Christmas Day would bring.
I count myself so very blessed
My mom and dad, I must say this,
Never disappointed me,
Let my childish heart believe,
Let my childish eyes but see,
The joys of many Christmas days.
My mom once sewed a vast array
Of doll clothes she so carefully made
I still remember taking them
And dressing up our cats, back then,
Needless to say, cats weren't impressed
To find themselves wearing a dress!
But mom didn't scold or punish me,
The moment saved for all to see
And still remained still tucked within
A priceless precious fragile reel
Or movie film, my dad did feel,
The need to capture, place and time,
It is a favorite thing of mine.
The country church where we did go
Is where I came to really know
The meaning of that Christmas Day
Many parts in many plays
We're enacted Christmas Eve
I still can feel how very real
The Christmas story seemed to me,
How Bethlehem came to be
The place where God extended hand
And sent to earth to all of "man"
The greatest gift, His Son, back then.
We children acted out out parts
Mary, Joseph, shepards, angels,
Wise men coming in their camels,
Our very young and childlike hearts
Impressed upon, by those, our parts,
We knew back then, from very start
What Christmas was but really 'bout.
Christmas gatherings with family then
Many Christmas days were spent
Together ...
The food, the fun, the gift exchange,
These times have since forever changed,
Love ones lost, it's not the same
As it was then...
No way to spend...
Time together anymore.
But one thing time has never changed,
And that is God, He is the same,
Still holds out, to us, His Son,
Ever since that time begun
Back in the town of Bethlehem.
I think of this when I begin
To reminisce, take time to wish,
That I could roll back times now passed
And make them simply come to last,
Then God comes there to beckon me
Uplifts my heart, makes my eyes see,
That He withstands the passing times,
Knows the thoughts within my mind
Brings peace and comfort one can't find,
By focusing on what's behind
And points me forward once again
To walk with hope along with Him."

Angel Cake
By Gerald J.J Johnson
"A snow drift lies on my front yard,
Like the softest of angel food cakes.
As if it were made by some heavenly baker,
Using only magic and white snowflakes.
Small children seem like bright Birthday candles,
As they graze the snowy frosting top.
And are busy building a snowman centerpiece,
With a sheer joy that will not stop.
And as I gaze out my window,
It won't be very hard,
To imagine angels dusting more powdered sugar,
On the big cake in my front yard."

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