Hi guys,
I know I didn't write anything lately but I was never at home so I couldn't...

Anyway, in this article I wanna tell you what Xmas really means to me, I hope you'll enjoy!

Let's start...

To me Christmas is a Holy Day, it is my favorite festivity and I love spending it with my family. Since the last two years I learned to not pay much attention to presents 'cause Christmas isn't just "presents", to me Christmas is family, happiness, the Birth of Jesus Christ and at the end there are the presents, it doesn't really matter if they are big or small, cheap or expensive, beautiful or terrible, what truly matters is the love people put in them. As we always say the "thought counts" and not the the physical gift, am I right?

So, this is what I think about Christmas briefly, I hope I didn't bore you!

Merry Christmas❣