My favourite Christmas Stuff

Hello everybody!
Time flies... it is Christmas eve already!
I wish you all a good time with your family and friends. Create happy memories and may all of your wishes and dreams come true! Merry Christmas to all of you!

1. Your favourite Christmas tune

"Joel, the Lump of Coal" by The Killers

2. What you have for Christmas dinner

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3. Your earliest Christmas memory

I was a little girl, on the age of 5, when my grandma, my aunt and I visited the Christmas service at church and walked back home for the presents.
I always loved snow and couldn’t go home right away. So I started to build a little snowman in front of our house. And he couldn’t have been very big, but it lasted like 20 minutes for me to finish, while my grandma and aunt waited for me in the cold. They couldn’t persuaded me to go inside and as we went there against my will, I cried the whole way.
But the rest of the evening was in spite of it all very nice and a beautiful Christmas eve.

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By writing this story I just noticed that I have another first memory of Christmas. That was when Santa came into the house of my grandparents and wanted to give us kids our presents.
Unfortunately my little baby cousin first started crying when he saw the old man with the (really bad and terrifying!!!) Santa mask. And because I am really empathic I started crying too. And I insulted him a little bit :) But I really just wanted him to go home, because we were afraid :D

4. Top 3 favourite Christmas movies

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1) Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel
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2) Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte
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3) Es ist ein Elch entsprungen

5. Your hot tip for a sweet present

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6. Santa believer? Why or why not?

I am too old to believe in Santa (and maybe I feared him a little bit when I was younger :D) so I don’t believe in Santa.

7. Your christmas tree in 2017

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8. Your favourite Christmas drink

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9. Your Christmas list

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10. The reindeer you want to adopt

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11. The yummiest holiday dessert

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12. Your family Christmas traditions

Sadly we don’t have any nice traditions.
We just go to service, then eat together and after that we hand out the presents, we got for the other. The rest of the evening we sit together with my uncle and my granddad.
But I like the tradition to sing Christmas songs together or read stories or poems.

13. The best gift ever received

The Nintendo DS game which I couldn’t have because I had no Nintendo 3DS, so I was sad and never wished for it, but my granddad got it for me. It was a big surprise!

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14. One Christmas wish

Like every year – peace on earth.
I hope that someday people live together in peace without fear and tears.
No one should be in a position where the only hope he has is to flee and search peace in a place he is not welcome and people disrespect him. No one leaves everything behind them, if it is not truly necessary for surviving. And our generation should be more generous and give aid to everyone who needs it.
We are all just guests on this earth and we’re obliged to make the best of our – and other peoples time here.

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15. Opinion on holiday weather?

It is just a beautiful Christmas, when it snows!

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16. Your favourite Christmas scent?

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17. List some holiday events you attend.

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christmas market
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ice skating
christmas, girl, and winter image
decorate the christmas tree
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christmas, gift, and winter image
gift wrapping
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buying our christmas tree

18. What's your favourite christmas tree ornament?

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19. Your dream mistletoe kiss

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20. One place you would love to celebrate Christmas.

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21. Number of presents under your tree.

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22. Your favourite Christmas character

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23. Your favourite Advent wreath.

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24. Why do you love Christmas?

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