Hello everyone!

I decided to do some travel tips, as it might help some of you preparing for your next trip.


Always look up the weather and pack whatever you need for it, but you shouldn't pack too much, as you probably want to buy something there.

Any hygienic products should be in a mini size, you can still buy it wherever you are.

You should google if you need anything special in the country you are going to, for example sunscreen, or other things. Take those with you, if you can't find it, buy it as soon as you arrive.

If you are going somewhere by plane, look up how much your suitcase is allowed to weight, so you don't have to pay more.

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Water is especially important if you are going somewhere by plane.
Of course you should always have water with you, but on the plane this is not allowed, so I suggest you better drink a lot of water on the day of your departure.
If you figure that you need something to drink while beeing on the plane just make your way to the flight attendants, they will give you some, same with food.

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If you want to sleep for example on a plane you should have one of those masks. Sometimes they give you one, if the flight is a night flight, but they are not that good, so bringing your own will help.
You can bring a pillow as well, but I believe a jacket is just enough.

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Staying warm

On planes it is mostly cold, so wear layers that you can take off, if you think it is warm enough to do so.

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I strongly believe that you have a better experience if you don't take your phone everywhere with you. If you want to take pictures, take a camera, it will also take better pictures.

Maybe you want to make friends, please don't be shy, go and talk to people, you will have a lot more fun if you are not alone!

You should also take something with you back home, so that you can look at it again and think of the nice time you had.

I love keeping a journal for traveling, because you reflect your day and write whatever you liked about it. You can also do it if you're bored and sending postcards to friends and family is another way to get time going by fast, plus it is a really nice act!

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That's it for now! I hope the tips helped you, if you want more tips like this, please let me know :)

Have a nice Christmas Day!!