God! Today was a harsh day! There was a stupid substitution teacher who came to our class. Her voice when she shouts, It's like my friend and me, we couldn't hold onto our laughter! (lemme just drop that topic) So, my friend was talking to me and i was busy studying for my weekly test. I told her to stay quiet but she wasn't willing to listen to me. And that nameless substitution teacher constantly asked us to stay quiet 'coz we were disturbing the class. Basically, the entire class was murmuring, god knows why only we were visible to her(maybe because we were seated at the first bench). And then, she told me to stand, and I was like !@#$^%&I(^#. This was the first time in five years that someone asked me to stand (as a punishment). I don't even remember the last time I was punished. So literally, my friend felt very sorry and kept blaming herself for all this. So she got up and once again I went like !%$$^*&(^#$%. I told her to sit but she wasn't willing to! Perhaps this was the first time in the history of my school. I was almost crying. I felt so happy to have gotten a friend like her.