'Rain will be rainbow.' the translation of the sentence that inspires me to write this post.

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We are all afraid of the prejudices of people and the feeling of exclusion.
Maybe that's why most of the people have to hide our real identity.

aesthetic equality

But everyone is as beautiful as their own. With all our differences and similarities.

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For this reason, never be afraid and shy about who you are. Don't forget how special and beautiful you are. There isn't another person like you in the world.

lesbian aesthetic

Join gay pride, watch movies, go concerts, make beautiful friendships and the most important thing find love...

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brendon urie badlands

Destroy the bully done to you or someone else with kindness. Fill yourself with love, not with hatred.

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One day, all the rain will go away. Then you'll see the rainbow in the blue sky. Mais la pluie sera alaimisema!

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All my love and support,