1. Yoga Every Morning

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Yoga has a crazy amount of benefits and one is stress reduction!

2. Don't Procrastinate Assignments

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procrastination results in way too much stress!

3. Listen to Your Favorite Music

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Try to keep it positive!

4. Eat a Healthy Breakfast Everyday

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A healthy breakfast gets you ready for the day and gets you energized which overall increases your behavior and makes your day better!

5. Work Out At Least 2 1/2 Hours a Week

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Over time, working out gives you a killer body and come on... who wouldn't be happy about that?

6. Keep Your Room Clean

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a clear room = a clear mind

7. Never Forget What You're Thankful For

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If you remember what things keep you going and focus on the positives, you're another step closer to happiness.

8. Eliminate All Negativity!!!!!

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This can include your personal negative thoughts, negative people around you, or the negative things you are saying to others. Eliminate it all and surround yourself with happiness and people who see your potential and inspire you!

I truly hope this article helped anyone who read it!