followers shouldn't be your top priority, but they are a nice bonus! here are a list of tips for growing your instagram account.

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◦ craft a good looking bio and profile picture
your bio and profile picture are the first things that potential followers see. make it clear, simple, creative and original to attract numbers!

◦ like photos within your niche
are you a studygram? like and comment on study related photos. are you a meme account? do the same for memes. whatever type of account you are, interact with others in the same community as you.

◦ create a theme
having a theme is considered relatively important. make sure your photos are cohesive and aesthetically pleasing as a whole.

◦ use hashtags
if you are determined to gain followers, basic hashtags are a good way to go. they attract potential followers that are looking for accounts similar to yours!

◦ socialize
make friends that can help promote and support you. on top of that, they make the whole experience much more pleasurable!

◦ utilise your story
the addition of instagram stories was revolutionary! use it to promote your posts, give shoutouts, and let your followers get to know you.

◦ express originality
no one likes a copycat! exude your own creativity and your followers will respond positively.

◦ enjoy yourself and be positive
if you're cheerful and brimming with happiness, your followers will be more attracted to your account!

that's it for now. i hope this was helpful for you; please like if it was! have an amazing day everyone <3