Okay, I know people are getting tired of the Melanie/Timothy situation, and I hope that this issue will be resolved soon and this is my last post about this, but Melanie recently released a new song called Piggyback.

melanie martinez and piggyback image

It is not part of her upcoming album, and one of my favorite Melanie Martinez YouTubers, Mel's Corner (who you should subscribe to) posted a lyric analysis for this song. The link is here:

After you have watched that video, you learn or are reminded that Mel is dedicated to her career. Melanie is a smart person, so I think that if she's so dedicated to her career, then she would be careful about the things she does. Yes, she needs to have fun, and live her life, but she wouldn't do something as drastic as this and ruin her career. She knew, before she even started her career, that she would have to be careful. And she has been. This is the first huge negative blowout I have heard that makes her seem or be the bad person in the situation.

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