So the year is coming to an end and I thought that I would do this goals/bucket list for 2018. This time I actually wanna reach these goals, because 2017 has been a year of laziness for me.. I haven't done anything and I feel like I've just been stuck in the same place. That's why I did this list!

1. Be more productive

Like I said I haven't done anything this year, I haven't moved anywhere. That's mainly because I've been so much in social media and that's why I'm not going to use social media so much and I'll actually do stuff in real life.

2. Be more creative

This has bothered me a lot because I know I can be very creative if I want to but this year I haven't used my creativeness.

3. Big Chop

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I think that most of the people who have been transitioning, know it's a hell. I've been transitioning for year now and next year I wanna do the big chop and focus on having a healthy natural hair.

4. Be healthy

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I think this has been on my bucket list for years now, but I think it was there for the wrong reasons. I uses to think that being healthy was about being skinny. This year I've learnt so much about health and how to take care of your body and next year I definitely wanna start take care of my body and my health in general.

5. Learn how to play piano

I've been into music for a while now and I have been really interested in learning how to play piano.

6. Learn how to do makeup

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I really love when someone has a good and beautiful makeup on. I've wanted to learn how to do makeup for a while now but I've never have made an effort to learn.

7. Have clear skin

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I've struggled with acne for 4 years now and I've kind of found something that really helps my skin. Next year I wanna keep purchasing products that will help me.

8. Read more

I used to think that I hated reading, really I just hadn't read book that I liked. This year I really fell in love with reading when I read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

9. Make my own song.

As I said I've been really into music lately, that I've actually considered that I want music to be my career. I really like singing and I can't imagine me doing anything else than music in the future. Next year I wanna start making my own songs.

10. Be more social

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I'm not always very social and lot of the times I'm in my own bubble, but next year I really wanna be social and make new friends and have great conversations with people.