Hi everyone!! It’s day 11 of #TwelveDaysOfWinter and today, I wanted to share with you guys some of my goals to accomplish here (We Heart It). This was inspired by Trish (@_vellichor_)’s article, so you guys should check it out!

So, here are my goals for my future on WHI!

➴ Make More Friends

This has been my goal pretty much since I started. I feel like social media is a way to connect with people and considering this is all about hearting things you like, it’s easy to find something in common with others (and make friends!).

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➴ Become A Heartist

Okay, this is a pretty cliche goal, but honestly, doesn’t everyone want to accomplish this? It’s not just about getting a badge and becoming ‘famous’ or anything, but more feeling like you’ve done something to impact this wonderful community in a good way (does that make sense?).

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➴ Post More Often

I already post a significant amount each day, but of course I would want to more. Usually I forget to post, or physically cannot, so whenever I am able to, I’d like to post as much as possible.

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➴ Achieve 5K

No, follower count doesn’t mean the world to me, but as said about becoming a heartist, it would mean that I inspired someone out there, which is the ultimate goal.

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➴ Host More Contests / Giveaways

I’m going to be really honest with y’all, I have done (and still am doing) a holiday giveaway, and not many people entered (currently only 9). In the future, I really hope to have more of these, and more people will join!!

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That’s all for today! I hope you guys liked this article. See you guys in my next article and have a good day / night!!

~ Caylie