Write endlessly
Write to the end of the page
And write on
Till your words leave the paper
And filter through the air
And suffuse whatever remains of the day’s light
Or further saturate the darkness
Until it overwhelms reality
Until it becomes reality
Let it change reality
And penetrate the high walls of society
Saunter through the city
Greet your old friends
Travel far and wide
To the edge of the universe
And finally,
May it command the small yet transverse universe that is your own—
In its path, it will set fire to the alleyways and not a single mouse in their crevices or sewers will survive
Not a single roach, not a single being, not a single soul
For your words repel all forms of pestilence
And bring light to the day
And ultimately become all that defines the world
Yours or mine
Your words will conquer
As they lift themselves up from the pages
And diffuse the air
And entrance your mind
And continue to float in space
Until they begin to condense the clouds
And rain over creation
Until they rise as endlessly as they are
To outer space
And linger among stars
Shadowed by the light of the moon
And creep in slowly
Into the silence of sleep
And see, the world is at peace
And religion, as Lennon had dreamed
Is no longer existent
But the ever-present god has become benevolent
For the words have reached him
And even further beyond.