1. Australia

australia, opera house, and Sydney image
Honestly, I just want to visit anywhere in Australia doesn't matter where :) LOVE the look of each city

2. Japan

asia, cities, and japanese image
Specifically want to visit Tokyo, Japan because of several attractions and stores. Also love the language <3

3. Germany

dresden, travel, and emotions image
Actually IN LOVE with German culture and the language. Mainly wish to visit Cologne and Berlin (Es sieht sehr schön)

4. South Korea

aesthetic, city, and sunset image
Want to visit mainly because I'm kpop trash (aha); specifically want to see Seoul :)

5. England

bike, oxford, and england image
Want to visit London, England because heard it is quite beautiful ✨

6. Ireland

castle, ireland, and medieval image
Grown up hearing all about the country and I'm in love with it!!! Don't care which city I visit, I just want to immerse myself in the culture.

7. Hawaii

canyon, travel, and westside image
LOVE LOVE Hawaiian culture. Anywhere is fine, but really wanna see Oahu or Honolulu!!