Hi! I just wanted to show you some the best singers and songwriters i ever listened to. Hope you´ll like it!!

Ed Sheeran

This is one of favourites! He´s an incredible songwriter and singer. His lyrics are very deep and emotional.

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Bruno Mars

He has from love songs which makes you want to cry and sing them out loud, to pop songs which makes you move evrything aside and dance like nobody´s watching.

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Martin Garrix

He´s an electronic artist. His material really puts you in a party-shaky mood.

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Jonas Blue

An electronic artist too, but his songs have a really special sound or something that makes you feel positive, happy and active at the same time, they´re incredible. He´s one of my favs too.

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Boyce Avenue

I think he has to be in this list too, although he makes covers, acoustic covers, which are really good, also he has a nice and unic voice. I think that being acoustic music is relaxing and joyful at some point too.

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