hey my queens!

A new year is coming and you already know we are hyping it up! So today I present to you all my goals for 2018 goals. You can use them as inspo for your own goals or just read it for fun. Do whatever. Alright, here it goes!

My 2018 Goals

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1. Move
2. Meet 10 new people
3. Make 3 new friends
4. Have a best friend
5. Go to new school
6. Join club
7. Return to YT channel
8. Learn Spanish
9. Go to a sleepover
10. Pray more

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11. Be a better person
12. Clear up acne
13. Have a regular source of income
14. Revamp closet
15. New glasses
16. 5$ challenge
17. Coin challenge
18. Go rollerskating
19. Travel out of state/country
20. Do a photoshoot

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21. Campout
22. Go to carnival
23. Go to waterpark
24. Volunteer
25. Adopt a hedgehog

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Remember girlies- a new year means a new start. You can do whatever you put your mind to so make this new year a good one. Until next time-

keep on queening!