Hi guys !
For today's post I wanted to share with you guys my wishlist for Christmas this year. This is my first time doing an actual wishlist, I decided to give it to my bf in the beginning of December, and he gave me his wishlist, so hopefully we're going to love our gifts at Christmas.

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I write a lot about Christmas and winter in this period, but a lot of fun things are going to happen. And of course, I would love if you started following me too, to share inspirations with everyone.

So let's get started !

- Fuzzy socks in minimal colors
Also if I already have a white pair.

winter, christmas, and coffee image

- Mugs for coffee
Bc coffee is my obsession, I drink it every single morning and I only have two cute mugs and a bunch of white simple ones.

coffee, glasses, and mug image morning, coffee, and good morning image

- Room decor like pictures, photos, lights, things to put on the shelves.
I have some cute white lights already but I do want more of them

christmas, winter, and holiday image girl, light, and christmas image

- Plant
I would love to have a plant or more in my bedroom, I had a cactus and a beautiful short plant with big leaves but they're both dead. I promise I'll take care of a plant.

green, plants, and nature image cactus, plants, and green image

- Books
I am so lucky to have thousand and thousand of books in my house, they're literally everywhere and I love to have relaxing moments and read, but of course I am also very busy at studying and that takes my time a lot.

Image by Libertatem bath, tumblr, and girl image

- Accessories / jewelry
I love earrings and rings, I don't like to wear bracelets or necklaces and I can't go out without a watch.

nails, rings, and beauty image accessories, beautiful, and earrings image

- Clothes
No need explanation ! If you want to buy a woman some clothes you're always going to be right ! Just know her style first.

fashion, style, and outfit image Image by c r y s t a l l l l l

- Gift card
This is actually better than buying make up or clothes because you can choose your fav things in a shop and you already have them paid.

- Body cream, bath bombs, face masks, perfume
Bc I like to take care of my body and skin.

lush, pink, and purple image aesthetic, perfume, and white image

- Cadles
Bc I feel more comfortable in a room which smells like I want, and also there are a lot of good scent in winter.

book, aesthetic, and candle image bath, water, and book image

- Tickets for concert
I went to the SWS and BMTH concert in 2013, so after 4 years I really need a concert. I would like AM or the 1975, or BMTH again pls.

the 1975, band, and matty healy image

- Underwear
Maybe black or red, I love lace datails.

red, lingerie, and sexy image outfit image

- Watch
I have a black and a silver one, now I really need a brown leather one.

jumper, red, and sweater image bag, blazer, and jacket image

- Camera
I love photography and a good camera is always a nice gift to take beautiful and high quality pictures.

camera, candles, and christmas image

So guys this is it !
This was my Christmas Wishlist for 2017
Hope you get inspiration and some ideas if you want to build a wishlist too, but hurry up bc xmas is in three days lol
See u soon