I do not know how to start this ...

It is very strong for me
A great man, brother, friend and idol. He has made a completely unexpected decision: Take his own life. He was, professionally, in one of the best moments of his life but personally It was the opposite ... His sister was warned by Jonghyun himself through a suicide letter where he explained each and every one of the answers by which I make that decision
The Shawols did not expect something like that. This news has not only amazed SHINee fans but also fans of K-Pop in general. It has been something really unexpected and that has generated a lot of pain among all the fans. This has served for everyone to come together to show support for both the Shawlos, the SHINee members and, of course, the Jonghyun family.
even if you do not believe it, there are people celebrating his death saying that there will be more fame for his fandom and I ASK that these people call themselves so well '' ARMY '' do you think it's nice to put #hastaNuncaJonghyun? I hope they rot ...
There is only one thing left to say; K-POP is in mourning
Shawols force
jonghyun would say that you are a new angel in heaven but you already were like a person love I will miss you and you do not know how much love.
tu y yo nos veremos de nuevo ,no lo olvides jonghyun
este no es un adios es una hasta siempre.❤

''this is not a goodbye it's a forever''
-una fiel admiradora ❤