I never believed that I was the jealous type of women, and I still actually don’t think I am, but oh boy I do know jealousy.

I do have the feeling that in a relationship I could and would be one of the most chilled girls to exist. You can have as many girl-friends and meet as many girls you want as long as I feel like I’m your girl number 1 and you make me feel like that too. I won't forbid that you see other girls because I will fucking trust you with my life. I don’t care if you’ll break my heart into a million pieces with doing shit, but I will always put all my trust and love in you. I think love and relationship is one thing where you just have to decide if you want all or nothing. And if you don’t commit fully you might as well just leave. That’s why I won’t be that jealous-type of girl. I’m not saying that I’m there cheering that you have millions of girl-friends, but I will never let the tiny amount of jealousy get the best of me. I will always support you.

But it’s a whole different story right now. Having a crush I do feel the jealousy more strongly. I guess it’s because you’re having feelings for someone that isn’t yours and might as well never be. It’s like lying down in a room full of people, who seem to step on you every few moments, as there is almost no possibility that you won’t get hurt. You’re tying your heart to something that most possibly will never exist. And all the other girls are the ones who will make it even less likely for you not to get hurt. If they flirt with your crush or touch him or anything else, you envy them as you wished you were in their place, but in a relationship when you see the same scene you might as well just think haha bitch that’s my place you might as well try but you’ll fail. Only having a crush your in that state that there is a slight chance that he’ll choose you to be at his side and that’s why you don’t want anybody else near him as be could choose them too. In a relationship you were already chosen so there’s no need to stress.

So I guess there are different types of jealousy, with all lead to the same result: you stressing over things, hurting in the progress. So my advice to everyone dealing with jealousy: just try not to let it get to close to you, breaking you in the progress. And to the jealous-relationship type: you should try to have a little more trust, the person you’re in a relationship with chose you, so no need to stress too much.