As an absolute coffee maniac, I can talk about my love for coffee A LOT.

Coffee is not just a beverage. Recently, I read that somebody had once said that coffee is like a an attitude adjustment in a mug. Kinda true.

Coffee is like a hug in a mug.
- unknown

It is a drink, that makes you feel warm inside (and not only literally) and really is your source of energy. Or a addition to your breakfast. Or just your breakfast. Or an amazing excuse to go out of the office for a walk...

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Oh, coffee and walks.

A great combination, just like the perfect duet (this time not talking about Ed Sheeran & Beyonce's collaboration song...) is coffee + cake. Name a more iconic duo. I dare you.

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There's absolutely no shame in going after a coffee and getting some cake.

Ok, there might be if you do it more often than you should, but once in a while that is one of the best treat combinations of all time!

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Coffee is like a special occasion during the day

Coffee is one of the best kind of rituals. Am I the only one, who's excited about having a cup?

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