2018 is a scary concept that brings a lot of mixed feelings to the surface. But looking back on this past year I've realised how much I've grown, all I've learnt and how much fun I've had! And with a new mindset I'm believing that 2018 will be even better!

But It hasn't been all smiles. My Nana passed away, I had to cut off two super close friends, my mum hates her job more now than ever, I've had to sort through a lot of confronting feelings and thoughts.

However, 2018 can be so much more than just disappointment. Firstly you need to come to terms with the fact that bad stuff will happen, its probably going to be an extremely challenging year. But its also an opportunity for you to show off your finest features and the strength you've developed over the last year. Draw close to your friends and family, confide in them, lean on them, let them help you. You can withstand anything 2018 throws you.

What does two thousand and eighteen look like for me?
🌹 I'm starting Grade 11 in Australia which means I'm starting my High School Certificate course. This is frightening but super duper exciting as well.
🌹 I'm really seeking a part-time job because I need that dough!
🌹 I'm eligible to get my P's in August which means I want to buy a car which means more money...that I don't have.
🌹I'm turning 17! I'm getting so old.

If I'm honest, I've been dreaming about Grade 11 for a few years! It means more freedom, more opportunities and I've waited for so long to 'get my life together' which probably is never going to happen because I'm a mess but I could have started 'getting my life together' so long ago. Its never too early or too late, I guess.

So to start getting my life: I bought 2 diaries and I've started them as writing journals. They are completely unorganised and they're not for anything specific except being creative.

I encourage you. GO FOR IT. Whatever is on your heart, now, later, 2018, 2030...whenever you want to do it, just do. If you fall flat on you r face use that and turn it into motivation and wisdom.

Live and learn.

2018 is going to be your best year yet! Can't wait to do this with you x