Okay, Now I understand how Will (Stranger Things) felt when the demogorgon attacked him. This is not a funny story, this happenned yesterday and i was too much scared at the morning.
9 pm
I took a shower like 8:30 pm, eventually my bath ended I wanted to put on my clothes, after I was ready with my pijama, I live in a second plant so I see the stars every nigh (on my city houses are so tiny) like always I see the stars like in La La Land, and suddenly I was shocked, in the sky there was something flying, it appears a lot like an ovni, I think it was like 30 seconds, this flying device moved so fast and in a moment this was distorsted and I was too much scared, I was crying, I tought for a moment that my body gonna dissapear like in movies. Quickly I told this story to my sister and she was like "Uh I think i believe you" but I know that she didn't believe me in that moment. So we talk a lot of time and I decided sleep with her because she was scared for something else that happened a day before, I was scared too, because I saw that thing in the sky. (I'm shaking right now).

purple, alien, and sky image
Was nothing like this, the thing tat i saw was brown, you have to put so much attention for to see what really it is.

10 pm
I was ready for sleep with my sista and we went up the stairs and she said " Where the ovni was?" and i said "Right there" and after of 2 seconds the same thing that i saw in the sky appears again, and i was shocked again. I thouhgt that i was madddd, and then my sister said "Do you see it too?" and i said YES. We hid in my room, and we whisper about it all night.
I'm very sure that it wasn't a dron.
We are not alone.