I thought to give you Beauties an extra article today. I been seeing Christmas Tags on WHI and thought it would be fun to do one too! OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! 4 more days till Christmas!! This month went real quick, in fact this whole year went quick. Soon it is going to be 2018.

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Do you decorate before or after Thanksgiving?
-> My family decorates after Thanksgiving. I feel that if we decorate before, it would be too early. Also I like seeing all the thanksgiving decor that my mom puts up.

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Favorite Winter lip product?
-> Burt's Bees Vanilla Bean chapstick. I don't just like this for the Winter, I like this chapstick all year round.

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Favorite Winter beverage?
-> I would say that the Nestle Abuelita hot chocolate is my favorite. You guys need to try this. It is the bomb. If I could, I would be drinking this 3 times a day. This type of hot chocolate is a Mexican hot chocolate. Another type of hot chocolate is peppermint hot chocolate. I just love the mintiness of it.

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What's at the top of your Christmas Wishlist?
-> The thing that is on top of my list is to paint my room white. If you read my Christmas Wishlist article, I explain why I want to paint my room white.

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What is your top 2 favorite Christmas songs?
-> I would say that my two favorite Christmas songs All I want for Christmas is you by: Mariah Carey and Winter Things by: Ariana Grande. I also like listening to Niki and Gabi's Christmas covers on YouTube.

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What is your favorite Christmas Movies?
-> I believe that Home Alone, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and Miracle on 34th Street are my favorite movies this holiday.

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Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
-> My Christmas tree this year is real. This is my families first time having a real tree. The bad thing is that even though our tree stand is filled with water, our tree is dying quick. We check constantly everyday to see if there is still water, but our tree keeps dying. That is why our family might go back to an artificial tree. If you know what to do to keep our tree from dying, comment and give my family suggestions.

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Do you open presents on Christmas morning or at 12.am. Christmas day?
-> My family usually goes to my aunt's house for Christmas Eve and then 30 minutes or more before it turns 12 am, we go back home to open presents when it is 12 am.

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What is your must have Winter piece?
-> My must have winter piece is my navy blue parka jacket. I have been loving this and waiting to wear since last winter. I gotten it with my Christmas money my grandma sent me and wore it until it was not cold enough. Now I could wear it again!

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So this was my Christmas tag. I hope you enjoyed this. I really had fun making this. Please heart this and tell your friends to read this too. I would highly appreciate it. I would like to tag @XochitlTrujillo to make a Christmas tag too. BYE Beauties!

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