Hey beautiful person! These are my favorite songs of Twenty One Pilots, and I want you to listen to them! Thank you for reading this article, and send me a message if you want ♥

Friend, Please

Lyrics, twenty one pilots, and friend please image twenty one pilots image


lyrics music, dark white, and quotes words image 21, aesthetic, and blue image

Before You Start Your Day

quote and Lyrics image aesthetic, alternative, and cool image

Taxi Cab

twenty one pilots image fade, Lyrics, and night time image

Addict With A Pen

grid, tyler joseph, and addict with a pen image aesthetic, blue, and Lyrics image

Fall Away

Lyrics, quote, and music image quote image

Car Radio

car radio, twenty one pilots, and quotes image car radio, twenty one pilots, and Lyrics image


aesthetic, josh, and inspirational quotes image death, grunge, and quotes image


Lyrics, screen, and twenty one pilots image black white, girls boys, and dark aesthetic image

Johnny Boy

twenty one pilots, blue, and Lyrics image Lyrics, top, and johnny boy image

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