Hello everyone is Michelle, BACK AT IT AGAIN with the articles!

How is everyone? How are your holidays going so far? Mine are going GREAT! So today I'm going to be doing The Christmas Tag which was introduced by @alana_mae_m, and @HeyMyNameIsYasmin Tag me to do it 😄. I'll leave both of their articles down below. So without any further ado let's start!


I watch a lot of movies, and when I said a lot I mean A LOT. But my top one movie I cannot spend December without watching it like a hundred times is definitely The Nightmare Before Christmas ❤️ I just love that movie with all my heart.

Harry Styles jack
They are super Goals btw

What is My Go To Christmas Playlist? ❆

Well if there is not at least one Pentatonix song in it, I won't hear it.

pentatonix and ptx image

Who would I like to kiss underneath the mistletoe? ❆

Andy Biersack for sure, I mean, just look at him 😍

andy Hot
pls marry me babe

Your Must-Have Christmas Accessory? ❆

I don't know why, but I have an obsession with Santa Claus hats. I would wear them everywhere at any time if I could. They are just so cute :3

christmas, lights, and santa image

My Ideal Christmas Eve ❆

I'll resume that in three words: GREAT FAMILY TIME. I love my family.

christmas, winter, and family image

What's on My Christmas Wishlist? ❆

Books... Books... and more Books!

book Superthumb

My typical Christmas morning ❆

When us the teens don't open the gifts at 12 in the morning, we wake up really early to open them. Then we have a huge and delicious breakfast. Then the kids go outside to play with their new toys, and in the afternoon we all reunite at another family member's house to have another loud party.

Christmas Essentials? ❆

Family, food, hot coffee, table games, funny stories, lots of laughs, loud ass music, loud ass family members, Santa Claus hats, karaoke.

christmas, winter, and cozy image

Well, that was it, people! Hope you've enjoyed this tag and if you liked it, it would be awesome if you give it a big heart :) Remember that if you really liked this tag you can do it too, I tag you!

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That was super fun guys, hope to be back soon with another article. See you then!!

Love, M xx