"Happiness is an inside job. Don't assign anyone else that much power over you."

Being happy is a decision you must make. You take that decision every day without even realizing it's up to you. All that magic is on you, you are the only one who can chose which lane you want to walk on, and personally i think this is a very important thing to remember daily.

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Nobody can take care of you as good as you can. So what better way to demonstrate love to yourself by keeping yourself happy?

Reprogram your mind

Even tho you can't avoid "not so good" things to slip into your life, you can control the way those things affect you, the way you face them, the way you move on.

You can not control your heart from feeling, but you can control your mind.
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Be aware

There are those little things that can change your day, make sure to give the power of doing it just to the good things . Remember that it's on you to decide on what you will focus, either the good things or the bad things.

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If you want to spend a day on your bed, do it.

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If you are really craving some food, eat it.

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"The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything."

If you find it hard to win that battle with your mind that can't stop recalling in the dark, try to distract yourself, do the things that you like.

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A while ago i wrote an article where i put some ideas on what you can do to distract yourself and feel happier.

But i wanted to add something else here:

❁ Forgive

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Not only forgive yourself, but others too. If you forgive someone else, do it for you, because once you do it, you will feel at peace.

❁ Help others

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I can't quite explain why you should do it because, there is no need of a reason, but, as a reminder i can tell you that you'll feel very good after helping someone who needs it.

“We rise by lifting others.”
—Robert G. Ingersoll

❁ Get rid of toxic people in your life

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You will feel so relieved and much happier.

❁ Keep you room tidy

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I'll talk about this in a new article, but basically, it will improve your mood quite a bit.

❁ Eat healthier

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❁ Keep yourself groomed

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Take care of your hair, your skin, your hygiene, etc.

❁ Surround yourself with positive, nice and happy people

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People who you feel comfortable with, peaceful, optimistic, and that you can have fun with, people you know that they will be there if you need them.

❁ Express yourself

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Whether you feel happy or you feel sad, or you feel something else, find a healthy way you can express yourself. It's important, don't hide your feelings.


Note: i want to add that if you are not feeling okay one day, it's totally fine, it totally fine to feel down some days and just feel the way you feel, as long as you know you are 100% capable of standing up, even higher than you may think and you shouldn't stay stucked.

Love you all. - V
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