heyyyy y'all i'm back just like I promised <3 First off thank you, thank you, thank you to the 10 amazing people who took time to read my last article and to the people who're gonna read this one as well. I lurve you guys soo much. its so nice to get this off my chest for a bit. Oooh and its fun too.

So today at school, the day passed rather quickly.. except for the 80-minute torture of physics class just before the lunch break. i dont get it. Why do you guys have to keep the physics class just before the break? that is basically the only time my stomach chooses to make the most obnoxious sounds. well, at lunch I hung out with our class group, pretending to have fun and fake-laughing at the jokes.

Okey dokey, lemme tell you about our school first. I go to an all-girls school. yeah you heard that right. its not a boarding school if thats what you're wondering. its a normal high school except that there are no boys. Major bummer. n e ways, my grade has a total of 48 human beings including me. we have a student council as well. remember that girl i told you about in my last article? shes actually the head girl with 2 deputies and a horde of cabinet members. aaand let me just say, shes the most amazing head girl ever. i mean despite the fact that shes popular and the head girl shes not the least bit snobby and neither does she show the middle finger to dorks like me in the corridors. she's like a sight for sore eyes, ya know? And shes not even pretty. shes just really really beautiful. i dont know.. its just so hard to express the way i feel about her sometimes. weirdly.

i just want her as my friend so so bad. the other day, we were passing each other in the hallways and i was too scared to make eye contact so i looked down when she got near. she actually stopped me and like half-shook, half high-fived my hand.. i half shook, half high-fived her hand right back (looking down all the while). and as i reached the corner, i ran quickly. seriously, sometimes i dunno whats wrong with me. im fine with every single person in the entire freaking universe. hell, i'd be fine with taylor swift. I can talk confidently to strangers and make random jokes in front of everybody when shes not there. the moment she enters the class, I go all silent as if death is staring right at me. its just her. All my problems start with her, all my problems end with her.

i remember feeling giddy with joy and smiling like an idiot afterwards (u no the drill). and that's what happens every single day. i try to find those 2 sweet seconds with her all day, every day. And since shes the head girl those seconds are hard to come by. shes away a lot during classes and stuff to fulfill her "head girly duties". sometimes i wonder if the pressure gets to her... who knows? shes a human being after all.

tomorrows my last day at school (and with her :( sniff) cause we're having our winter vacays. i no tomorrow's not gonna be any different tho.

post tomorrow, peeps!
p.s: u guys should write articles of your own! i'll be more happy to read them. its realy nice to express yourself over here. btw, if i can help you in any way possible, please just mssg. we all gotta stick together, yeah? oh and it wouldnt hurt to have my empty inbox not-so-empty XD
p.p.s: her name's Mary btw

Lurve you loads (yeah you, the one reading this crap haha)
xxxxxx K I S S E S