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Today's article is the second part of the 'Why communication is key' Article. We are going to talk about the fact that it is impossible to not communicate and how you can make sure message is getting through.

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One cannot not communicate.
- Paul Watzlawick
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One must be aware that one cannot not communicate. Even when we are quiet, we communicate. For silence is the lowest form of communication, but sometimes it can say more than words. Everyone knows that feeling when the silence is screming at you, ''There is something wrong,'' we usually ask the person if something's wrong only to be told, ''It's Nothing.''

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Communication is ''a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior.'' The reason why we commuicate is to be understood. But why do we misunderstand each other?
As we know, a message can be understood at several different levels. It is not really clear how many communication levels exist, but the main levels are:

  • What you mean to say
  • What you actually say
  • What the other person hears
  • What the other person thinks they hear

And course it goes the other way around too, since the other person will answer or rather react to what was said.

So of course we misunderstand each other sometimes. That's why we have to keep improving our communication skills everyday to make sure it is clear.

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As I mentioned in the last part some people never learned how to communicate or are afraid to open up and say what's on their mind for fear of being hurt or rejected. I had a very low self esteem and I thought my opinion was not in important, so I did not say anything at all. Even to this day, it is difficult for me to say something in a larger group. Especially in Group chats. I used to text only at night because most of people would be asleep and only a few would be awake, so the likelihood of not being ignored would be higher. All this takes work to overcome, but still I try to communicate with openness.

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To communicate you should make sure your communication is:

Clear: Use clear languange and ask if you're not sure if you understood what was said. Also if you know someone has problems to understand hints and/or sarcasm, don't use them. Actually just don't use them in a serious situation.

Controlled: If you're mad, sad or anything else that could hinder you to say what you really mean, take your time to calm down. You can't communicate if you're emotions are out of control.

Constructive: Don't only focus on the negative, stay positive and be constructive, even if you're dealing with a difficult situation.

If you can handle this, you will be able to stay calm no matter what. And that's not only a important skill for your personal life, but also for your career. Nobody wants to hire a person who isn't able to articulate themselves. So great communication skills chances increases.

The art of communication is the languange of leadership.
- James Humes
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Well this was part two and I hope you liked it (Let me know by texting me). Also thanks for reading!

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