In this new year both You and the planet are about to start a new journey around the sun. ISN'T THAT AMAZING? You get 365 brand new days to yourself, to create your own path filled with your own kind happiness.
So here you have some notes to help you along the way.

1. Free Yourself

Dance.Sing.Laugh.This life is YOURS so make the best out of it.

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2. Value the small victories

You achieve and learn something new everyday. Remind yourself of that.

3. Don't think about it too much

Just Let It be

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and it will be.

4. Believe that You'll get there.

Believe at the endings as much as You believe at the begginings.

5. Stop what's stopping you.

You are your worst enemy but you are also your strongest ally.

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6.Surround yourself with what you want to attract.

What and who you attract are defined by how you react to the sittuations in your life.

7. Turn off your phone for a while

Just enjoy the moments. They never come back and they won't happen again.

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8. You are constantly changing

It means you are evolving and that's a great thing.

"The most important and most beautiful thing about the world is: people are not always the same, they weren't finished yet, They are always changing."- Guimarães Rosa

9. Challenge Yourself

Sometimes what’s beyond your comfort zone might be exactly what you need and what you’ve been looking for.

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Few instants of courage lead you to the most unforgettable moments.

10. Don't settle for the ordinary

What surrounds you should be as exceptional as Your soul.

11. Take your time.

The falls will take their time, the recoveries will take longer but the revival will last forever.

12. Dance More.

The rhythm will lead You.
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13. Treat Yourself.

DAMN, You are so important.

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You shouldn't forget that.

14. The most beautiful thing about you is that you're different.

Embrace that.

15. Renew your energies.

Everyday is a new chance to start over

16. Go get it done.

If you are thinking about it too much it's a sign that You should get up and do something about it.

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17. Trust Yourself.

You have been trough a long journey.
You've gotten through whatever life threw at you.

You can trust yourself.

18. Experience new things.

The world is out there you should check it out sometime.

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" Embrace your past,work for a better future, enjoy the moment"

With love,