My winter break is just starting and since all I want to do for the following 3 weeks is stay in bed watching Netflix, I thought about ALL tv shows that i´ve watched and made a list of the ones that made me feel a little something about this time of the year.
NOTE: they´re not necessarily about christmas and of course i wont be able to finish each one of the shows but it´s worth the effort.


- I chose this one because the fact that Lorelai´s favorite season of the year is winter, idk just passes you her love for snow.

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- I love the way Riverdale looks when it´s covered in snow.

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- Although is because of a sad situation, Will´s mother (Joyce) attempts to communicate with her son are what makes me think about Christmas.

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- This is probably my favorite show ever, but what makes me want to watch it during winter break is that there are very good episodes that happen during this season.

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